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Non-Invasive Prostate Cancer Treatme
Find out if you qualify for HIFU

Non-invasive HIFU for prostate cancer preserves quality of life. 

HIFU: The Basics

HIFU, which stands for high intensity focused ultrasound,  is a method of focusing sound waves to create heat at a specific point away from the energy source; this point is called the "focal point."  

Over 13,000 men worldwide have chosen Sonablate HIFU for their prostate disease.  Here are a few reasons why HIFU may be right for you too.

HIFU heats and destroys tissue in the prostate

When HIFU energy is delivered to a specific location within the body, the tissue temperature at the focal point is elevated to nearly 195 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds, resulting in tissue destruction, while the tissue outside the focal point remains unharmed.


HIFU was approved by FDA for
prostate ablation in October 2015.

HIFU has similar rates of efficacy as other treatment options for prostate cancer with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Additionally, HIFU does not preclude other treatment options and it can be used as a salvage treatment if other treatments, such as surgery or radiation, have failed and the cancer has returned.  

After HIFU, men usually return

to their normal lifestyle within a few days

and the procedure can be repeated if necessary. 

HIFU Basics




Our doctors are among the most experienced HIFU physicians worldwide. Dr. John Jurige orginally trained in the technology in 2007 and has treated or been involved with nearly 400 patients outside of the U.S. in Mexico, Bermuda and the Bahamas. He has been integral in training other physicians and teaching about clinical outcomes. 


HIFU Prostate Services Kentucky  is a partnership between First Urology  and HIFU Prostate Services that brings together the medical experience and insights from expert physicians with the administrative support of individuals with over 12 years experience working with Sonablate HIFU technology. 

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HIFU Patients Worldwide


Dr. John Jurige, MD
John Jurige, MD

Board-certified Urologist

Sonablate HIFU Proctor

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John Eifler, MD
John Eifler, MD


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M. Brooks Jackson, MD
M. Brooks Jackson, MD

Board-certified Urologist

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Newly FDA approved HIFU featured on WHAS- ABC News

Newly FDA approved prostate cancer treatment to start in Louisville. WHAS - ABC News

HPS Kentucky Treats first patients with HIFU outside of a clinical trial in the U.S.

First Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Minimally Invasive HIFU in United States

HPS Kentucky is formed with a parternship between First Urology and HIFU Prostate Services

HIFU Prostate Services Partners with John H. Jurige, MD to Make HIFU for Prostate Cancer Available in Greater Louisville, Kentucky Area​



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