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HIFU Prostate Services Partners with John H. Jurige, MD to Make HIFU for Prostate Cancer Available in Greater Louisville, Kentucky Area


First Patients Outside of a Clinical Trial to Receive HIFU for Prostate Cancer in United States

November 9, 2015. CHARLOTTE, N.C. – HIFU Prostate Services, LLC, a leading provider of minimally-invasive prostate cancer treatment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (“HIFU”), announces a groundbreaking partnership with John H. Jurige, MD to offer HIFU treatment for prostate cancer at First Urology and to serve the broader urology community in the greater Louisville area. The Sonablate® HIFU device will be delivered to First Urology today and the first patients are scheduled for HIFU treatment tomorrow.


Jurige, a board-certified urologist, has been practicing HIFU for over 8 years and is considered a national expert in HIFU therapy. Additionally, Jurige is a certified Sonablate® HIFU proctor and has been integral in training other physicians.


“We at 1st Urology are pleased to be the first regional center using the Sonablate® HIFU System in the United States. My experience over the past 8 years working with HIFU is that it can provide precise and complete destruction of prostate cancer while preserving normal bladder and erectile function in most men,” said Jurige.


“Long-term studies confirm the effectiveness of the Sonablate® compared to other more invasive therapies, stage for stage. I believe that in the coming years, HIFU will be accepted as the preferred therapy for men with early prostate cancer,” continued Jurige.


This exciting collaboration means that men facing prostate cancer now have access to HIFU, a treatment option that is minimally invasive and preserves patient quality of life.  Until this point, men in the U.S. had to travel outside of the country to receive the treatment in a location where it was already approved. 


“Men are looking for prostate cancer treatment options that preserve quality of life. We are excited to partner with Dr. Jurige and his practice to give patients access to HIFU. He is an outstanding clinician and a pioneer in minimally invasive treatment options,” said John W. Linn, chief executive officer, HIFU Prostate Services.


Sonacare Medical, the worldwide leader in HIFU technology and manufacturer of the Sonablate® HIFU System, received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the device in October 2015.


About HIFU Prostate Services, LLC


At HIFU Prostate Services (HPS), our mission is to partner with physicians to deliver the highest quality of care, support and technology to the patient and to the urology community for the treatment of localized prostate cancer using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). HPS was founded in 2015 by a seasoned management team with over 50 years of experience in the health care industry and over 30 years focused on HIFU technologies The company is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C.


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About John H. Jurige Jr., MD

Jurige has over 25 years of practicing urology and is a member of the American Board of Urology, American Urological Association and is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Urology at the University of Louisville.  His areas of special interest include female urology and incontinence management, microsurgical vasectomy reversal, erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer treatment. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Louisville and completed his residency training there as well. He currently practices urology at First Urology in Louisville, Kentucky.


About First Urology

First Urology, PSC, which was formed when Metropolitan Urology and Allied Urology joined together as equal partners, is the largest urologic provider in the greater Louisville and southern Indiana area. They offer comprehensive urologic care for men, women and children of all ages. Their physicians are dedicated to finding solutions to a wide range of issues to help patients regain to the quality of life they deserve. For additional information, visit




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