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Talking with Your Doctor After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can come with lots of uncertainty. For most, the diagnosis occurs in the early stages allowing men to take a some time to research and determine their next steps.

So what can help make that first visit after being diagnosed with prostate cancer go smoothly?

Be prepared. Know what to expect.

Visiting the doctor for any reason, let alone cancer, can be overwhelming, so if you find yourself facing prostate cancer, here are the top five tips to get ready for your first post-diagnosis appointment.

  • Share Your Medical History:

  • Prepare a list of current medications.

  • Write down any & all symptoms.

  • Bring a Family Member.

  • Start a list of questions.

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be scary. Exploring treatment options can be overwhelming, but with a little preparation and a lot of questions, you can feel confident in your course of treatment. When you are close to making a treatment decisions, you can find a list of specific questions to ask your treating physician about treatment options here.

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