What is a pathology report for prostate cancer? Why should I care?

Prostate cancer pathology report can be very confusing but it is very important.

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer (or any cancer for that matter) can be overwhelming and confusing. After a diagnosis, this may get even more confusing as you are presented with information that is unfamiliar, including a pathology report.

After you have a biopsy, where tissue samples are taken from your prostate, the tissue is sent to a pathologist for evaluation of the samples to determine the stage or grade of your prostate cancer. The result of this evaluation is called the pathology report.

As a patient you probably receive this pathology report at the same time that you discuss various treatment options with your doctor. Some of the information in the prostate cancer biopsy report is confusing, but all of it is important.

HPS Kentucky HIFU program director, Dr. John Jurige wrote a detailed article for partner website www.hifuprostateservices.com to help explain what the pathology report includes and why its important. Read more here.

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